Classic & Historic

Trafalgar Meeting 2024
Start Date:

Saturday 19 October


Entries Open:
Tuesday 10 September 2024 at 10:00
National Shooting Centre, Bisley

Contact Information:

For more information please contact 01483 797777 ext. 139

Picture of Trafalgar Meeting 2024

Trafalgar Meeting

Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th October 2024

This Meeting is full of character, with competitors seen entering into the spirit of the event and some wearing appropriate clothing for the firearms used at the time

The firearms being used attract attention especially when, what is basically a museum piece, can be seen in full operational glory. This offers the pleasurable opportunity to use, view and handle historical, classic and vintage arms.  Museums and private collectors do preserve our heritage firearms, however practical use by shooters with knowledge of these guns adds another dimension. These firearms being shot across the ranges is a reminder of the history of their development, from flint muzzle-loader or matchlock, to breech-loading nitro cartridge firearms

Courses of Fire & Rules: The Classic & Historic Handbook has been re-designed to make it easier for you to navigate any understand about the different classes and competitions: Classic & Historic Rulebook available to download from the NRA Handbooks page.

Competition Programme: 

  • 10 Yard
  • 25m Advancing
  • 25m ARA
  • 25m Bobber
  • 25m Dueling
  • 25m Precision
  • 25m Slowfire
  • 25m Surrenden
  • 50m Advancing
  • 50m Precision
  • 50m Rook and Rabbit
  • 50 Yards Standing
  • Running Boar
  • Running Deer
  • 100 Yards Prone
  • 100 Yards Standing
  • 100 Yards Three Position
  • 200 Yards 'Agony' Snap
  • 200 Yards Double Snap
  • 200 Yards McQueen
  • 200 Yards Prone
  • 200 Yards Rapid
  • 200 Yards Standing
  • 500 Yards
  • 600 Yards
  • 900 Yards

Range Team:  Please click the link HERE to sign up to be part of the Range Team when this event opens for bookings

🏅Awards: NRA awards are presented to the top scoring competitors in each match, subject to the amount of entries:

  • 2+ Entries: 1st Place only
  • 6+ Entries: 1st and 2nd Place
  • 11+ Entries: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place

1st placed competitors in each match will be awarded a Gold Trafalgar Bar, as well as one NRA Silver Shoulder medal and ribbon. Trophies are awarded in certain matches, indicated by the 🏆 symbol on the entry form. Trophies are only presented to the winners of contested competitions. While a competitor can enter a match multiple times, each with a separate firearm, they may not be awarded more than one prize in a match - i.e cannot achieve First and Second places.

2nd and 3rd place competitors will receive a certificate

Competitors may also purchase Skilled Shot Certificates if they achieve a certain score (see individual match details for more information). Skilled Shot Certificates cost £2 for the first one, £1.50 for each additional

Arms Fair: To be confirmed