Shooting Club

The NRA Shooting Club is free to join and is available to all NRA members. The Club provides opportunities to meet other members, shoot in a group, share information and ease recently trained beginners into using the ranges

Membership of the Club will also qualify you to renew your certification card when you have shot a particular discipline 3 times in the previous 12 months 

Don't forget to log your firearm usage on the NRA database after each shoot 


A variety of ranges and distances are available, covering most NRA shooting disciplines, typically including:

25 yards

200/300 yards

600 yards

1,000 yards

You can shoot on one or more of the available distances but it is important to let us know at the time of booking. Ranges are supervised by an experienced NRA qualified Range Conducting Officer, most of whom also hold an NRA instructor qualification



half day

Sessions are currently priced at £42 per half day to include Range hire and Range Officers. You can hire an NRA firearms directly from the Armoury where appropriate ammunition is available for sale as well

Please note you cannot use home-loaded ammunition in NRA firearms; this restriction is for your safety