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Spring Action Weekend (SAW) 2024
Start Date:

Saturday 23 March


Entries Open:
Tuesday 13 February 2024 at 10:00
Deadline for Entries:
Monday 25 March 2024 at 12:00
National Shooting Centre, Bisley

Contact Information:

For more information please contact 01483 797777 ext. 139

Picture of Spring Action Weekend (SAW) 2024

Spring Action Weekend 2024

Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th March

The Spring Action Weekend comprises of competitions for CSR, Classic & Historic, GR&P, McQueen and Target Shotgun shooters

Competition Programme: Please CLICK HERE to view the outline Event Programme

Entry Fees: 

  • Mini McQueen*: £7.25 *Ammunition is priced additionally at £3.50 per event
  • Speed Steels Challenge: £9.50
  • 20 & 30 minute matches: £14.00
  • McQueen*: £14.00 *Ammunition is priced additionally at £15.60 per event
  • 45 minute matches: £15.25
  • 200m: £15.25
  • 1500: £18.25
  • Practical Match (half day): £38.00

Discounts: Off entry fees only. Multi-competition discounts are only applicable to entries made before the deadline

  • 10% Off Entry Fees: 6 or more events
  • 15% Off Entry Fees: 12 or more events
  • 20% Off Entry Fees: 20 or more events
  • 40% Off Entry Fees: Under 25s

New for 2024: Aggregates that champion shooters who are current and former members of the Military, including Reserves, Police or other Emergency Services; and those Under 25 years old. The aggregates comprise of Advancing Target and 25m Precision (in GRCF and GRSB) or Timed & Precision 1 and Multi-Target in SGSA. Entry is free and automatic when entering the required competitions. A Gold NRA medal is awarded to the highest score in each category, in each firearm class. For full details please see our Event Notes

Entry requirements:

  • Shooter Certification Card (SCC): Each civilian shooting on a MoD or NRA range has to carry a SCC issued by the chairman of a club of which they are a member and which is affiliated to the NRA. Competitors MUST be in possession of their SCC when shooting on NRA ranges. Competitors MUST be in possession of an SCC for Telescope Rifle. If you do not have an SCC please contact the Competition Co-ordinator before
    • Overseas or competitors from non-Home Office Approved Clubs (HOACs) can apply to the NRA/Match Director via who may grant a temporary SCC. Proof of range safety will be required
  • This competition is open to members of Home Office Approved Clubs (HOAC) who are not prohibited under section 21 of the Firearms Act (The NRA is the largest HOAC in the UK). Non-NRA members are welcome, but are required to pay the Meeting Member Fee
  • On the first day of the Competition you must be aged 14 or over (please contact the Competition Co-ordinator before entering if this is not the case)

🏅Awards: Medals are awarded to the top scoring competitors for each match subject to the amount of entries:

  • 2+ entries - Gold Medal
  • 6+ entries - Gold and Silver Medal
  • 11+ entries - Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal

Where a match is 'Classified' the results are split so your scores are listed against others in the same class. Classified events have classifications detailed at the end of their listing in the GR&P Handbook (View online copy HERE)

🦺 Range Crew: Without dedicated volunteers this and may other competitions would not be able to field the amount of competitors wanting to take part. You can help out for as little as half a day, or if you fancy it – the whole weekend!

  • Friday: Volunteer/ RO Competition Day: We require volunteers to run a limited number of ranges, namely Melville A-E, Running Deer (PM only for TS), Butt Zero (PM only). All events are unsquadded, but see our recommended programme HERE
  • Saturday-Sunday: See the Weekend Event Programme HERE. Most ranges require 1x CRO and 2x Range Team

CLICK HERE to find out more about the volunteer package and to sign up

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