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The NRA offers a variety of courses for clubs throughout the British Isles:

  • Range Safety Officer (RSO) course. The RSO course is designed to teach and ensure best practice in the running of a club or private range at club level, and is now the obligatory first step in achieving an RCO qualification
  • Range Conducting Officer (RCO) course. The RCO course is designed to teach the process of running a Ministry of Defence (MoD) range. The qualification will grant the certificate holder the authority to RO on MoD ranges
  • Club Instructor (CI) course. The CI Course is designed around the NRA’s probationary training syllabus.  The course provides candidates with the tools to be able to successfully deliver probationary training within their clubs.

The RSO, RCO and Club Instructor courses are two-day courses. Any regional course run by the NRA should have a minimum of 6 course attendees, up to a maximum number dependant on the allocated instructor’s discretion

Once you have completed the below questions the NRA training team will assign a Regional Instructor and put them in contact with the organiser from the club.  From here it is down to the club and instructor to agree the date and other details, including the confirmed number of candidates, always keeping the NRA informed.

The host club should be able to facilitate the course in its entirety. The basic requirements for a course are:

  • A space to be used as a classroom/training room which can facilitate the number attending the course
  • A suitable range
  • A power supply
  • A projector or television screen from which to run the course material
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Toilet facilities
  • First Aid (either a suitable First Aid box and or trained First Aider)

If some of these requirements cannot be met it may be possible to work around them in some way.  Get in touch with the NRA and/or the allocated instructor to discuss suitable solutions