Introduction to Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS) - Nov 2024
Start Date:

Sunday 10 November


Bookings Open:
Tuesday 08 October 2024 at 10:00
National Shooting Centre, Bisley

Contact Information:

For more information please email

Picture of Introduction to Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS) - Nov 2024

Introduction to Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS)

Sunday 10th November

The training will cover PRS Divisions, kit and equipment, positional techniques, sighting and revise the principles of marksmanship. The range sessions will practice prone, movement, various supported shooting positions between 250-700 yards

The training will be run by a minimum of 4 skilled PR shooters in conjunction with NRA instructors who will aid in the support and facilitation of the event

For full details will be available in the Event Notes (published in the download section below)

Entry Fee: £92.50, £55.50 for those that are under 25 years old

Firearms & Ammunition: These are not included in the entry fee, attendees are required to bring their own as familiarity and proficiency is needed as targets are placed at unknown/varied distances

Entry Requirements:

  • Shooter Certification Card (SCC): Each civilian shooting on a MoD or NRA range has to carry a SCC issued by the chairman of a club of which they are a member and which is affiliated to the NRA. Attendees MUST be in possession of their SCC when shooting on NRA ranges
  • This event is open to members of Home Office Approved Clubs (HOAC) who are not prohibited under section 21 of the Firearms Act (The NRA is the largest HOAC in the UK). Non-NRA members are welcome but are required to pay the Meeting Member Fee
  • On the first day of the event you must be aged 14 or over (please contact the event Co-ordinator before entering if this is not the case)

Rifle Divisions (based on IPRF rules): The following Divisions are used in NRA Precision Rifle Competitions, so we recommend you bring a firearm that fits with one of the following:

  • Factory: A Factory Division rifle is a non-custom, standard stock rifle, manufactured/assembled by a single mainstream manufacturer, in a configuration as available by that manufacturer at the time of production.
    • The action, chassis/stock and trigger must be manufactured by, or be propriety to that manufacturer, or be a generic part
    • Max 10 round capacity magazines; a bipod may be attached; a suppressor, muzzle break or barrel tuner may be fitted; no restriction on optics
    • A tripod may be attached only after the CoF start signal
    • Allowed Modifications:
      • Barrel: May be replaced as long as the replacement is the same profile, calibre and length as available in that model from the manufacturer; it may be re-crowned and or threaded
      • Action: May be bedded to the chassis or stock, however the chassis or stock may not be altered to better fit
      • If the rifle is not supplied with options for mounting of a bipod, a fixed 5 slot picatinny rail, or a sling stud, may be added to the forend of the rifle
    • Prohibited Modifications:
      • No permanent alterations may be made to the rifle; no additional parts added to or swapped; no gunsmith or truing permitted
  • Limited: A Limited Division rifle looks to promote Traditional Military calibres used pre-2000 when the sport of Precision Rifle was in its infancy and where military style long range competitions at the time helped to define the modern day sport of Precision Rifle
    • 7.62x51 NATO/ .308 Winchester
    • Projectile cannot exceed 179 grains and 2800 fps
    • Modified wildcat rounds are not permitted
  • Open: Open Division may utilise every possible equipment advantage; this Division aims to drive innovation in rifles, auxiliary equipment and accessories