One to One Training Session

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One to one or small group bespoke training can be arranged for shooters who are full members of a Home Office approved club. Training packages are half-day (AM or PM session) or full-day in duration.

Previous topics covered have been:

  •          Shooting accurately over longer distances
  •          Zeroing a new rifle
  •          Getting competition ready
  •          General refresher of skills after a long period of not shooting
  •          Gaining experience shooting on the different ranges and target types at Bisley
  •          Building confidence with booking your own range/ firearm


If this is something you are interested in, please contact the Training Department at and provide the following information:

  •          What is your current shooting experience?
  •          Please state which Home Office Approved Club you are a member of. If you are an NRA Member, please provide your membership number. 
  •          What would you like to achieve by attending a training session here?
  •          Would you like a half day or full day (or multiples thereof) training session?
  •          What distance(s) would you like to shoot at?
  •          Will you be bringing your own rifle/ ammunition/ kit? If so, please state which rifle. If using a scope, please state which scope you will be using.
  •          Do you have a particular instructor in mind you would like to work with?
  •          Please provide some information on your availability, e.g. are you available on weekdays/ are there any specific dates that you are unavailable?
  •          Please provide any more info that you think would be helpful to know, e.g. do you require a bench?


Once this information is received, the Training team will contact you to discuss available dates. 


One to one training fees

As one to one training sessions are bespoke, the price can vary greatly from student to student. 

The session fee can be affected by the following:

  • Length of session required
  • How much range time is required
  • Whether you will be bringing your own rifle/ ammunition

Depending on the points listed above, a one to one training session fee is estimated as:

  • Half day = £200 - £300 and above
  • Full day = £350 and above


For more information, or to book a session, please contact