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Mattersey Open 2024
Start Date:

Sunday 05 May


Mattersey Rifle Club

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Organiser: Mattersey RPC:

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Mattersey Open 2022
Sunday 1st May
Mattersey RPC, Mattersey,
Doncaster, DN10 5DS
T&P and MT for LBR, LBP, GRCF, GRSB and Target Shotgun including Classic (£5 per event)
WA48 for LBR & LBP (£5)
1500 for GRCF, GRCF Open, GRCF Classic and GRSB (£5.50)
1020 for GRCF, GRCF Open, GRCF Classic, GRSB, LBR & LBP (£5.50)
All matches will be classified where appropriate.

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