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Target Rifle Imperial - Teams
Start Date:

Thursday 18 July


Entries Open:
Tuesday 05 March 2024 at 10:00

Contact Information:

For more information please contact 01483 797777 ext. 160

Picture of Target Rifle Imperial - Teams

Target Rifle Imperial Teams

Thursday 18th - Saturday 27th July 2024

Please read the supporting Event Notes document at the bottom of the page for full details

Programme & Entry Fees: 

  • Thursday 18th July
    • 8.30am: Opening Shot (£320)
    • 5.15pm: Schools Veterans (£145, £82 for each 2nd Team)
  • Friday 19th July
    • 8.00am: Astor County Finals (£378), Cadet International (FREE), United Hospitals (£220) & U25 HC Invitational (£315)
  • Wednesday 24th July:
    • 4.30pm: Cadet & Services LR (£505), Inter-Services LR (£610) & County Championship LR (£310)
  • Thursday 25th July: 
    • 8.30am: Cadet & Services SR (£505), Inter-Services SR (£610) & County Championship SR (£406/£203)
    • 2.00pm: National (£1,150), Overseas (£670), Junior Overseas (£224)
  • Friday 26th July: 
    • 8.30am: Kolapore (£630), Junior Kolapore (£224), UKAF v HC (£430), Chancellors (£515), Musketeers (£260) & U25 Teams (£430)
  • Saturday 27th July:
    • 9.00am: Mackinnon (£645), Junior Mackinnon (£215) & Universities Long Range (£175)
    • 9.45am: Parting Shot (£185)

Under 25 Discount: 40% discount (excluding ammo) has been applied to the entry fee for events open to University teams, or teams comprised completely of shooters who are under 25 years old on the day of the Meeting

School's Veterans Discount: Each second (or fourth) team will receive a discount due to sharing a target. Please use Promocode Vets2 or Vets4 when processing your entry to activate the discount

NRA Credits: On the final page of the checkout procedure - before you select your payment type - you can apply a credit to your booking. To view the amount of credit on your account please visit your Online Booking Profile Page

🏆🏅Awards: Each event has specific awards, which are detailed in the NRA Handbook (Competitions section). Trophies and Gold medals are presented at the Main Prizegiving on Saturday 27th July in the marquee on Exhibition Lawn