Target Rifle

155th Target Rifle Imperial Meeting
Start Date:

Friday 19 July


Entries Open:
Tuesday 05 March 2024 at 10:00
Deadline for Entries:
Monday 24 June 2024 at 12:00
National Shooting Centre, Bisley

Contact Information:

For more information please contact 01483 797777 ext. 146

Picture of 155th Target Rifle Imperial Meeting

155th Target Rifle Imperial Meeting 

Friday 19th - Saturday 27th July

Online entries have now closed. If you wish to enter, please download an return the Entry Form at the bottom of this page. Your entry will be placed in a queue and is subject to any remaining availability

The 155th Imperial Meeting includes a number of individual and team competitions, and will conclude on Saturday 27th July with the newly crowned King's Prize winner being chaired down from Stickledown, accompanied by the marching band, Range Officers, fellow competitors and spectators. The outline programme is available to download a the bottom of this page

Please read the supporting Event Notes document at the bottom of the page for full details

Programme & Entry Fees: Grand Aggregate £631

  • Friday 19th: Admiral Hutton (£44), Century (£66)
  • Saturday 20th: Conan Doyle (£44), Daily Telegraph (£53), Donegall (£44)
  • Sunday 21st: Alexandra (£44), Corporation (£44), Daily Mail (£44)
  • Monday 22nd: Duke of Cambridge (£44), Prince of Wales (£53), Times (£44)
  • Tuesday 23rd: Lovell (£44), St George’s Stage 1 (£53), Wimbledon (£44)
  • Wednesday 24th: HM King’s Prize Stage 1 (£76)
  • Thursday 25th: St George’s Stage 2
  • Friday 26th: HM King’s Prize Stage 2, St George’s Final
    • Barlow (£35), King’s Consolation (£67), Stickledown (£35)
  • Saturday 27th: HM King’s Prize Final
    • Howard Wilkinson (£53), PW Richardson (£35)

Second Stage Fees: Competitors who reach the 2nd stage of King’s Prize will be required to pay £33. Those who reach the 2nd stage of St George’s will be required to pay £22

Under 25 Discount: 40% discount off entry fee for those that are under 25 years old on the day of the Event

New for 2024: The sighters aggregate is now sponsored by Toye, Kenning & Spencer, who have generously increased the prizemoney in all classes, and also extends to second and third place 

Classes: If you are unsure of your class for this year's Meeting, please visit the NRA Website via this link to lookup your current class

Overseas Competitors: Those wishing to take part from overseas countries need to apply for a Visitor's Firearm Permit - CLICK HERE for details

Entry Requirements:

  • Shooter Certification Card (SCC): Each civilian shooting on a MoD or NRA range has to carry a SCC issued by the chairman of a club of which they are a member and which is affiliated to the NRA. Competitors MUST be in possession of their SCC when shooting on NRA ranges. If you do not have an SCC for the type of firearm you wish to participate with please contact the Competition Co-ordinator before entering
  • This competition is open to members of Home Office Approved Clubs (HOAC) who are not prohibited under section 21 of the Firearms Act (The NRA is the largest HOAC in the UK). Non-NRA members are welcome, but are required to pay an additional Meeting Member Fee
  • On the first day of the Competition you must be aged 14 or over (please contact the Competition Co-ordinator before entering if this is not the case)

NRA Credits: On the final page of the checkout procedure - before you select your payment type - you can apply a credit to your booking. To view the amount of credit on your account please visit your Online Booking Profile Page

🏆🏅Awards: Each event has specific awards, which are detailed in the NRA Handbook (Competitions section). Trophies and Gold medals are presented at the Main Prizegiving on Saturday 27th July in the marquee on Exhibition Lawn

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