Gallery Rifle & Pistol

Gallery Rifle & Pistol Imperial Meeting - Team
Start Date:

Thursday 18 July


Entries Open:
Tuesday 05 March 2024 at 10:00
Deadline for Entries:
Wednesday 10 July 2024 at 12:00
National Shooting Centre, Bisley

Contact Information:

For more information please contact 01483 797777 ext. 160

Picture of Gallery Rifle & Pistol Imperial Meeting - Team

Gallery Rifle & Pistol Imperial - Teams

Teams are comprised of four shooters, whose Unlimited scores are combined to form the Team result. Shooters must pre-nominate a team card to be counted towards their team score. The team card will not affect the individual’s Unlimited competition standings, nor count towards their HPS totals, and will not accrue standards points towards a Grandmaster medal

In addition to the individual shooter’s team scorecard, Captains must submit the Team Claim Card containing all of the team members’ scores, names and competitor numbers

Entry fees include one Unlimited card per team member

Shooting Programme:

  • Advancing Target Team: Advancing Target (Club or HM Forces) - £56
  • Beaufoy Gallery Rifle Team: 25m Precision and Granet (Club or HM Forces) - £117
  • BFAPA Team: America (Club or HM Forces) - £61
  • Fairbairn Cup: Advancing Target (College/ University) - £33.60
  • Lord Salisbury Team: 25m Precision and Granet (Club or HM Forces) - £117
  • Mander Trophy: Police (Club or HM Forces) - £56
  • McGivern Cup: Silhouettes (College/ University) - £37.20
  • Oxford v Cambridge Match: 25m Precision and Granet (Oxford and Cambridge University) - £70.20
  • Peel Cup: Police (College/ University) - £33.60
  • Universities Team Aggregate: Scott and Granet (College/ University) - £70.20