Civilian Service Rifle

CSR Winter League - Oct 2024
Start Date:

Sunday 06 October


Entries Open:
Tuesday 27 August 2024 at 10:00
National Shooting Centre, Bisley

Contact Information:

For more information about the Event please contact:

For more information about the CSR Discipline Rep Nick St Aubyn via:

Picture of CSR Winter League - Oct 2024

CSR League 2024-25: Round 1

Sunday 6th October 2024


Shooting Programme: Full details of the Courses of Fire are published in the CSR Handbook

  • Short Range & Urban Match: These two competitions will take place between 08:30-15:00. Competitors will be squadded into one of three groups. During the session each group will take part in both events and undertake a session in the butts marking targets for other competitors
  • Whitehead Match: This competition will take place between 15:30-17:30

Squadding: Squadding should be available to view at from 5pm the Tuesday before each match and will be updated up till 4pm the Friday before the match - please check back before attending to be sure of your final squadding.

Classifications: This season league placings will be classified, with classifications allocated according to paragraph B11 of the CSR Handbook, available to download from 

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded in each class subject to entry numbers according to paragraph B10.4.

Awards: NRA Medals and awards are presented based on the final results in the CSR League, not for individual rounds in the league. NRA Medals are awarded in each firearm class, for each classification group, subject to Prize List D of the NRA handbook:

  • 2+ Scores: Gold Medal
  • 6+ Scores: Gold and Silver Medal
  • 11+ Scores: Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal

The highest placed competitors in each firearm type (regardless of classification) at the end of the League season will also receive an engraved piece of glassware, as per the below:

  • Historic Enfield: 1st & 2nd place
  • Any Iron: 1st & 2nd place
  • Practical Optic: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place
  • Service Optic: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place

About the League: The CSR Winter League runs from October to April each year, typically meeting on the first weekend of the month for one day of competition. The day is divided up into AM and PM, during both sessions you will shoot and be in the butts, with two separate matches typically one long range and one short range

For the majority of competitions you can expect to be shooting between 25-500x in a mixture of prone, sitting, kneeling or standing positions

These events are self-marked; at the firing point two competitors will be assigned (squadded) to one target, the first will shoot the first practice, followed by the second competitor. Meanwhile in the butts, two competitors will be assigned to each target to operate the targetry, organised by a Butts officer

If you are new to CSR or would like additional guidance, we aim to squad you as the second shooting competitor in a detail

New to CSR: For those new or looking to try Civ SR, we run 1-day ‘Introduction to Civ SR’ courses aimed at introducing you to the discipline. Further details are available here including the dates of up coming courses. The courses are run by highly experienced shooters and involve both classroom and practical on range coaching